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From replacing a water heater to renovating your entire home, our team will help you improve both the look and functionality of your home.

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    Increase The Value Of Your Home By Our Home Remodeling Service

    Whether planning a complete remodel or just adding functionality to your existing space, it’s essential to start with a plan. We’ll draw out a floor plan for you and help you create the perfect structure for your new home.

    Home Remodeling Services in San Francisco Bay Area

    Whether planning a complete remodel or just adding functionality to your existing space, it’s essential to start with a plan. We’ll draw out a floor plan for you and help you create the perfect structure for your new home.

    Home remodeling/renovation is a common way to quickly increase the value of your home. It can also be done for other reasons, such as adding or updating functional spaces in your house or building entirely new rooms.

    Excellent Home Remodeling believes that your ideas are the foundation for success. The Home Remodeling Services Team is here to help you with all your remodeling needs. Home renovations can be daunting, but we’ll walk you through each step, offer solutions that fit your budget, and help you select the suitable materials, so your remodeling project is manageable and stress-free.

    Our team will make sure it looks as good as it feels, from custom homes to modern homes. Our home remolding company has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and seamless workmanship means we’ll always exceed customer expectations.

    We are Excellent Home Remodeling Services in San Francisco Bay Area; you can rely on for many services, including:

    • Kitchen Remodeling
    • Bathroom Remodeling
    • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
    • Decks and Patios
    • Painting
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical Work
    • Roofing Work
    • And Much More!

    Why Do You Need to Remodel Your Home?

    You should remodel your home because you want to, not because you have to. You may think that it’s a lot of money and extra work for something not required. But the honest truth is, if you feel like your home does not reflect your personality or who you are anymore, then you are right.

    Moreover, a house that has aged with time is more prone to structural damage, leakages all across the plumbing, loose electrical fitting, etc. Every now and then, some modification and upgradation is an excellent way to keep your house safe from significant damage.

    A great reason to remodel your home is to increase it’s resale value. A modern and improved home is more likely to pay you extra bucks than an old home that needs a lot of renovations. People are most often looking for homes that don’t need further investment.

    Why Excellent Home Remodeling?

    With Excellent Home Remodeling, your search for a construction company near me is over! We offer complete home services that start with our initial in-home consultation. We then work with you through the entire construction process to finalize your home remodeling project. Our number 1 goal is to partner with you and make your dream house a reality.

    Just like any process, home construction has its struggles, challenges, and pitfalls. After years of home construction experience and hundreds of clients, we know all the bumps in the road — we have seen them all and are here to help you avoid them. We are experts at understanding design perspectives, budgets, visions, and timelines while minimizing unexpected surprises along the way.


    How much will it cost me to remodel a home?

    Home remodeling depends on many factors. The kind of home, the style you like the most (contemporary, modern, country, traditional, etc.), materials you prefer like wood or steel, labor cost, the amount of workload, accessories, and much more together make up the remodeling cost. Therefore, giving an estimate is impossible. Feel free to contact our in-house team experts for FREE consultations.

    How much time do you need to remodel my home?

    This also depends on the size and work of your project. The best way to get an estimate is to call our experts into your home for both time and cost estimates.

    Will I have to buy finish materials like doors, windows, fixtures, appliances, flooring's, etc.?

    All finish items are not included unless stated otherwise. Moreover, we have our vendors that we have worked with for over a decade that offer us all the finished materials at discounted prices. We aim to benefit our customers at all costs.

    Do I need a permit to build or remodel my house?

    Not always, but sometimes, yes. We are a general contractor who will attain any permits needed for your property.

    We are a reputable construction company with experience and knowledge that can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Contact us today for any home remodeling needs; we offer FREE in-home consultations in San Francisco Bay Area.

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