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Accessory Dwelling Units

With our ADU garage or conversions services, turn your garage into a legal living space or build an in-law unit right in your back yard.

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    Design & Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit / Garage Conversion

    At Excellent Home Remodeling, we provide professional garage conversion services for anyone who wants to improve the functionality, allocate more space, and transform the living.

    Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Garage Conversion Services in San Francisco Bay Area

    At Excellent Home Remodeling, we provide professional garage conversion services for anyone who wants to improve the functionality, allocate more space, and transform the living.

    Your garage offers ample space with the potential to transform your home from good to great.

    Imagine converting your garage into a beautiful new ADU/studio/office/kids room and making it an addition to your home!

    You can:

    • Use the extra space as a playroom for kids and pets, and turn it into a beautiful space for them to play
    • Convert your garage into a separate studio apartment, rent it out and earn more income
    • Create an additional office space or craft room, home gym, or master bedroom suite for yourself
    • Ensure more privacy, create a separate living space for guests, caretakers, or parents visiting from out of town.

    Excellent Home Remodeling is known for delivering premium quality garage conversion/ADU construction services with guaranteed results at pocket-friendly prices.

    Whether you need more space to keep your kids’ accessories, need an extra working space, or a home gym, we can convert your garage into whatever you like!

    Our garage conversion services include:

    • ADU/JADU
    • Art Studio
    • Entertainment Room
    • Home Gym
    • Home Office
    • Additional Bathroom
    • Adequate Lighting & Ventilation
    • Climate Control Area (heating/cooling)
    • Shelving Units for Different Functions
    • Ample Outdoor Space (storage cupboard, bike rack, etc.)
    • And Much More!

    With 20+ years of experience, we have worked on different garage conversions and understand the critical factors required to provide high-quality services.

    Being an expert ADU contractor, we will work closely with you to understand precisely what you want and need before any work begins and during and after the job is done. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to provide you with customized garage conversion services that suit your needs, time frame, and budget. We are dedicated to providing you with impeccable service at every step of the project.

    Why Excellent Home Remodeling?

    The task of Garage conversion can be overwhelming without professional help. Garage conversion may not seem complicated, but it involves small details that require expertise to successfully achieve the desired Garage conversion results. Expertise in garage conversion requires hands-on experience.

    We offer complete garage conversion services in San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve been converting garages and other spaces for 20 years, with a qualified team of professionals and proven systems in place to ensure that your project is completed on time.

    Moreover, we let you choose materials that complement your project’s style or have them customized to fit your needs; we create space management systems that are customizable. ADU construction depends on many factors. The kind of ADU, the style you like, the materials you prefer, labor cost, the amount of workload, accessories, and much more together make up the conversion cost. Therefore, giving an estimate is impossible. Feel free to contact our inhouse team experts for FREE consultations.


    How much time do you need for ADU garage conversion?

    This also depends on the size and work of your project. The best way to get an estimate is to call our experts into your home for both time and cost estimates.

    Will I have to buy finish materials like doors, windows, fixtures, appliances, flooring's, etc.?

    All finish items are not included unless stated otherwise. Moreover, we have our vendors that we have worked with for over a decade that offer us all the finished materials at discounted prices. We aim to benefit our customers at all costs.

    Do I need a permit for a garage conversion?

    Yes, we are a garage conversion contractor who will attain any permits needed for your property.

    We are a reputable construction company with experience and knowledge that can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Contact us today for any home remodeling needs; we offer FREE in-home consultations in San Francisco Bay Area.

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